Narthex Duty and Ushers



Ushers are extremely important in conveying friendliness and hospitality to worshipers—both regular worshipers and guests. They set the tone by often offering the first welcome, and their work contributes immensely to the orderliness of the service.

Duties Include

Consult with the Priest and assist in maintaining order and reverence within the church at all times. Develop, publish, and distribute a duty roster for worship services throughout the year and ensure that a council member or usher shall be in church on Sundays when the doors open.  Arrange for coverage for weekly services, Saturdays of Souls, Holy Week, etc., and assist at baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Follow guidelines for ushering during the Divine Liturgy and as requested by the Priest. Supervise the opening and closing of the building, ushering, distribution of bulletins, tray collections, candle-stand care, Koliva, purchase of candles, etc.


Even though ushering duties are usually carried out by parish council members, this ministry is open to all who would like to assist.

Contact: Peter Gouris