To assist the clergy during worship services by performing all the necessary tasks that allow him to lead the faithful in prayer. To perform faithfully and dutifully the many holy and spiritual tasks that are expressive of biblical truth, like carrying the cross, candles, and liturgical fans; journeying in processions and entrances of faith; offering to God the censer of sweet fragrances; preparing the hot water and receiving the Holy Spirit at the consecration of the holy gifts and offering the "blessed bread" for the faithful to receive God's blessings. 


To be a genuine and vital part of the Eucharistic Assembly of the faithful and in other services; to be a Stewardship of young men, offering to God their regular Sunday offering of talent and ability, an exceptional experience that stays with them for a lifetime.


Young men ages 8-18 years old are invited to participate.

Register your children here: 2024-2025 Youth Ministries Registration

Teachers and volunteers, please register for your youth safety training through our Archdiocese here: Annunciation/Evangelismos Church Youth Worker Registration

Ministry Leaders:  Nick Economopoulos, Apostolos Fisfis, and Mitch Papakirk.