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2022-2023 Youth Ministries Registration Form

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Teachers and Volunteers Registration Form

Yianna Yiantsos Franchetti

Christ-centered Youth Ministries

We are blessed here at Annunciation with many Christ-centered Youth Ministries, all guided by the priest, supported by the parish council, lead by a Youth Director, and coordinated by faithful and caring parent advisors;

All who have completed background clearances and youth safety training based on Pennsylvania State Laws and Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Youth Safety Plan. 

Youth Ministry Council (YMC)

In 2017, a youth ministries council was formed with the desire to:


  1. Maximize youth participation across parish youth ministries;
  2. Coordinate all youth activities, youth programming, and youth ministry calendars; and
  3. Review, combine, and present a complete youth ministry budget to Parish Council.


Ultimately, we want to see:

  1. Maximized youth participation across all parish youth ministries; and
  2. Optimized parental involvement in support of and in fundraising (PTO) for parish youth ministries.

Youth Ministry Goals

The following goals at the core of every Youth Ministry are to:

  1. Reach out to young people to help them grow in God’s love;
  2. Assist our youth in understanding and deepening their faith;
  3. Provide a place of Christian acceptance and Christian role models;
  4. Help our youth to build a community with their peers of our church; and
  5. Provide opportunities for young people to share in the ministry of the church; and
  6. Develop a willingness to serve the needs of others.

Youth Registration & Ministry Pages  

We request every young person participating in youth ministry, regardless of how much or how little, to be registered through the parish office for reasons of safety and communication.

Please register your child and explore the ministries below:

2022-2023 Youth Ministries Registration

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