The Annunciation/Evangelismos Parish Council

The Parish Council comprises eleven individuals seeking to serve God by being servant leaders to our clergy, ministries, and community. While Parish Council members are diverse in age, length of membership, skills, level of financial giving, and interests, all members share the joy of working together to further the ministries and build a Christ-centered parish of faith and love. Servant leaders are key participants in setting the future direction of the community and maintaining the principles of our Mission and Vision.

Duties and Participation 

In the Oath of Office, the parish council members affirm that they “…will fulfill faithfully and sincerely the duties and obligations required of a member of the Parish Council….” No contract is signed, but a promise is made which rests on the shared commitment of all council members to serve the Church, which is the Body of Christ on earth. We are His hands, feet, eyes, and more. To serve on the council is a ministry and a mission. We are called to use the gifts with which we have been blessed to carry out the work of the Church.

Council members' duties and responsibilities range from ensuring the good governance of the community, discussing long-range plans, reviewing monthly financials, overseeing the staff, helping with church-wide events like the OPA Festival, and promoting vital ministry programs and activities. They strive to connect with our parishioners, greet and usher during worship services, and build relationships.

The 2024 Parish Council 

Constantine Dalson, President

Anthony Vlahos, Vice President

James Papacostas, Secretary

Demetrios Papakirk, Treasurer

Panagiotis Giannoumis, Assistant Treasurer

Members: Leontios Diamantas, Evangelos Exarchos, Apostolos Fisfis, Panagiotis Kyriakou, Afrodite Patounas, Russell Penning.