Who is a Steward? 

Every person who is baptized and chrismated according to the rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church is a member of the Orthodox Church.  The active member and Steward:

  1. Faithfully attends the Divine Liturgy and other worship services.
  2. Participates regularly in Holy Communion, Holy Unction, and Holy Confession.
  3. Adheres to and lives according to the teachings of the Orthodox Christian Faith.
  4. Contributes their time, talent, and treasure towards the progress of the Church’s sacred mission.

The Steward commits their Time, Talent and Treasure to Annunciation/Evangelismos.  These three commitments, collectively, represent one's Stewardship.   Each individual is called to be a Steward of God’s gifts, which have been entrusted to them, for surely that which has been given to us shall be demanded in return by God (The Parable of the Talents)

How Can I Become an Active Steward of Annunciation?

Annunciation is a full stewardship parish that requires no minimum pledge in order to be a Steward. Our Stewardship Program encourages parishioners 18 and over to pledge donations in any amount, according to the blessings they have received from our Lord.

Our annual Stewardship Pledge Drive occurs each November for the next calendar year, although new members and current members may submit a pledge at any time. Please fill out the Stewardship Form below:

How do I fulfill my Stewardship Pledge?

In the manner that you choose. Weekly or monthly offerings are suggested because it is easier to manage small, regular contributions rather than large accumulated amounts. It is also easier for the Parish to plan its budget if the income is regular throughout the year.

Outside of our Sunday collection, many parishioners find that it is easy to pay by making monthly payments through online banking. Please remember that credit cards take a percentage of the transaction as a fee, but online bank drafts send all of your contribution to your church.


We highly recommend using PARISH GIVING. It is an easy and convenient way to donate regularly to your church. It allows you to have stewardship offerings automatically debited from your checking account. You can choose how much & how often to give, and what payment method to use.You can also make special offertory donations for capital campaigns, youth ministries, memorial donations, and special events & holidays. Simply click on the Parish Giving logo and follow the easy steps.

It Is Easy: Three simple steps to give online that will take you just moments (hardly more than the time to write a check) and you are done…for the entire year! You will receive an automated email every time you successfully complete a transaction. Finally, you will have access to your giving history.

It Is a Priority: Proverbs 3:9 teaches us to honor our Lord with the “First Fruits” of our labor. By setting up a recurring contribution that is scheduled to come out of your account on the day you specify, you can ensure that your First Fruits are always given back to God.

It Is Consistent: Have you ever forgotten to give your contribution – left it at home, missed because you were out of town? Or perhaps you have gotten behind on your giving and it seems impossible to catch up. Scheduled Parish Giving helps you to remain faithful by ensuring that you always give when you planned to give.

It Is Secure: Believe it or not, Parish Giving is more secure than writing a check. Your funds are transferred directly from your checking account or credit card to the church’s account through the most secure means available.

It Helps Your Church: Through regular Parish Giving, you expedite your gift to the church; and it strengthens Annunciation through consistant support.

Parish Giving Note: We suggest you use your bank account information when making recurring contributions online, since there is no expiration date like a debt or credit card.



Set an Automatic Monthly Bank Withdrawal through your bank. Simply contact your bank and let them know that you would like to set up a reoccurring payment to Annunciation Church. You will need to provide them with the $ amount, our address, and the date(s) in which you would like these payments made. A check will be automatically cut and mailed to Annunciation Church from your bank.


Bring your Stewardship Offering with you and place it in the collection plate at the Divine Liturgy. along with your Weekly Offering.