Holy Orthodox Primary Education & Junior Orthodox Youth

All in One  2017-2018 Youth Ministries Registration


Holy Orthodox Primary Education (HOPE) ministers to children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Junior Orthodox Youth (JOY) ministers to children in 3rd through 6th grade.

Youth ministry needs to begin early, even before the child begins to participate in HOPE Ministry. It begins with the family in the home and it needs to continue in the home as the child grows in the Church. As youth workers, it is important to keep in mind that parents are the single greatest influence on how children develop a sense of self. It is therefore critical that we not only minister to the children, but also to their parents. We should consider our ministry a supplement to this vital home ministry.


Parents with children in K-6th grades are encouraged to become active in this ministry. Some of the activities include monthly Friday night with Fr. John; faith-learning crafts and snack time; field trips; and seasonal activities.

Pease check our Weekly Bulletin and Community Calendar for upcoming parish and regional HOPE & JOY events.

Contact Person:

Debbie Sourias

Hello, and Welcome to HOPE/JOY 2017-2018!

It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you and your children to participate in another successful year of HOPE/JOY fellowship!

My name is Despina (Debbie) Sourias and I am looking forward to learning and growing with you as your new HOPE/JOY advisor.

I come from Canada, and have been in our community for ten years now and found my reservation in Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Elkins Park. My dream after children was to connect myself and my family in the community that I love and respect wholeheartedly.  With two young boys, and five years apart, they sure know how to keep me busy! I understand the challenges of balancing everyday life and how essential it is to live our faith.

Our mission is to build and strengthen relationships between the Orthodox youth and Christ and His Church through fellowship, education, worship and service. HOPE/JOY will help your children form lifelong friendships before entering GOYA as well as learning about Orthodoxy.

I would love to start making some wonderful memories and traditions for our children to build on.  I welcome all parents to please join me in creating a warm, friendly, sharing environment for our HOPE/JOY kids! Parents, please be involved with our activities, it will help your child to embrace fellowship in a positive way!

Thank you and much excited,

Debbie Sourias

debbiehopejoy@gmail.com 215.407.1872