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The altar servers assist the clergy during worship services. They might carry the cross, candles or liturgical fans in processions and entrances; maintain the censer, ensuring it has enough live charcoal, loading it with incense and handing it to the priest or deacon when required; preparing the hot water (zeon) in time for it to be added to the chalice at the Divine Liturgy; prepare the antidoron for the people to receive after Holy Communion; and perform any other necessary tasks so that the celebrant need not be distracted during the service.

The role of the altar server remains a genuine and vital one in the Eucharistic Assembly of the faithful, as well as in other services. He stands ready to serve God in this capacity.  It is a stewardship of young men; a service that they offer to God as their regular Sunday offering of talent and ability; an exceptional experience that stays with them for a lifetime.



Young men ages 8-18 years old are invited to participate.

Contact Person

Apostolos Fisfis, Altar Servers Coordinator