Youth Ministries

We are blessed here at Annunciation/Evangelismos Church with many Christ-centered Youth Ministries, headed by faithful and caring parishioners who have completed background clearances based on Pennsylvania State Laws

We invite you to learn more about each Annunciation Youth Ministry. You will see that the following goals are at the core of every Youth Ministry:

  • Reach out to young people to help them grow in God’s love.
  • Assist our youth in understanding and deepening their faith.
  • Provide a place of Christian acceptance and Christian role models.
  • Help our youth to build a community with their peers of our church.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to share in the ministry of the church and develop a willingness to serve the needs of others.

Why Youth Registration?

We request every young person participating in youth ministry (regardless of how much or how little) to be registered through the parish office. The information allows us to have home / emergency information on hand as well as birth dates and interests of each youth involved.  Please also note that we are a full Stewardship parish. This means that we continue our effort to fund our entire budget, including all youth ministries, through your stewardship giving. Therefore, you will be pleased know that there are no more youth ministry registration fees; your stewardship contributions fund our Youth Ministries.

We kindly ask you to register now to give us time over the summer to organize our volunteers and be ready to welcome our youth in September. The 2018-2019 Youth Ministries Registration Form covers all Annunciation Youth Ministries from September 2018 to June 2019, and it takes just a few moments to complete from any computer or mobile device. Most Youth Ministry events are already planned for 2018-2019 and you can see them on our web calendar.

Annunciation Youth Ministries are led by parent volunteers and we encourage you to get involved in Youth Ministry with your child.  Please review the various Youth Ministries on our website and don’t hesitate to reach out to Fr. John if you are able to assist.