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Philoptochos is the philanthropic and charitable organization of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. It is one of the largest women’s philanthropic religious organizations in America. The mission of Philoptochos is to help the poor, destitute, hungry, elderly, sick, unemployed, orphaned, widowed, disabled and disaster victims, in the United States and elsewhere in the world. The Philoptochos Society's charitable work is performed with discretion, kindness and respect, and it is funded through donations and fundraisers.


There are 19 board members and approximately 107 active members.  Philoptochos assists in every ministry of Annunciation Church, and is the umbrella organization for a number of ministries, some of which are included in the following pages.

Board meetings are held on a monthly basis every 1st Tuesday evening at 7:30PM, and general meetings are held throughout the year.

All women of our parish are invited and welcomed to become active members of Philoptochos. We work in harmony towards the common purpose of serving the Church and the Greek Orthodox Community.

You are invited to visit the National Philotochos Society website for information concerning the Society's national news, programs, history, leadership, membership and bylaws.

Learn about the Patron Saints of the Philoptochos, Cosmas and Damianos.


Contact Person

Diane Saphos, 2017-2019 Annunciation Church Philoptochos President


Please see our Weekly Bulletin and Community Calendar for a timely listing of all Philoptochos' local and regional activities in which you may participate.