Matthew 25 Ministry


  • We are a ministry helping local people in need.
  • Supply a local food pantry (feed 300+ families) on a monthly basis.
  • Periodically prepare cooked meals for a local large meal delivery program.
  • Organize and distribute donated gifts to needy children and families in the community as part of our “Angel Tree” campaign during the holiday season.

Participation and Contact Persons:

  • Watch for Mathew 25 Ministry notifications through the Weekly Bulletin and “Sign-Up Genius”  to donate food and funds.
  • Participate! We always welcome volunteer hands to join and help deliver to the pantry, prepare meals, and identify community needs.
  • Feel free to contact any of the Mathew 25 Ministry members to learn more about how you can become involved in this important humanitarian effort: Virginia Koutsouros, Angie McCulloch, Sophia PenningLisa TrivelisZaffie Zoubroulis
  • Please visit the Matthew 25 Ministry Facebook page for further information, updates, photos, and vignettes of the people we are serving.

The Time Has Come! 40 Day Lenten Project

Monday, February 19th is the first day of our Lenten spiritual journey to Pascha. As Father George Mastrantonis has said in the past, “Great Lent before Easter is when the Christian participates fully in preparing himself to praise and glorify his God as Lord and Savior. Great Lent is like a “workshop” where the character of the faithful is spiritually uplifted and strengthened…” Our own Father John recently pointed out that almsgiving (i.e., donating to the needy), fasting, prayer, and forgiveness are necessary acts during Great Lent that help us advance towards our spiritual destination. 

With this in mind, we ask you to consider selecting non-perishable food items from your pantry or local grocery store and putting them into the bag that we have made available to you during Great Lent. You can then place your lovingly filled bag into one of the bins labeled Matthew 25 in the church hall. These goods will be delivered by the Matthew 25 Ministry to the Seeds of Hope Food Pantry.

Food items to be collected can be anything from a box of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, a container of peanut butter or jelly, a package of flour or sugar, or as simple as a can of soup, vegetables, beans, or tuna or a bag of dried beans, a package of crackers, a granola bar, etc.

If you are more comfortable purchasing in bulk from warehouses, feel free to donate food items that way. It is up to you to choose how and what you would like to share. Any non-perishable food item is welcome as long as it is commercially pre-packaged and individually wrapped.

Collect any amount that you are comfortable donating. All donations are happily accepted no matter how big or small. Items can be delivered to the bins at the church at any time during Great Lent. Matthew 25 will be delivering your items to Seeds of Hope on the following dates during Great Lent: February 28 and March 21. We will also be delivering on April 18, after Pascha. Please reach out to the Matthew 25 Ministry for additional bags, if needed.

Thank you in advance for your participation and donations.

The Matthew 25 Ministry