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In the Byzantine liturgical tradition, the cantor (ψάλτης-psaltis in Greek) is the person responsible for leading the faithful in singing the responses to the celebrant clergy, and of singing the many hymns called for during the Sacred Services and the Divine Liturgy. A cantor must be knowledgeable about the ecclesiastical eight-tone musical modal system, as well as the complex structure (rubrics) of the services.

Readers assist the cantors by reading the prayers, lives of the saints, psalms, and epistles during the worship services and the  Divine Liturgy.


A cantor/reader is always present at an Orthodox Christian worship service or sacrament.  Anthony Gungura and George Dalagelis are our cantors on staff. They are assisted by Dean Dalson, Sousan Gouris, Mary Jaxheimer, George Kyriakodis, and Paul Fisfis. Open to all those who desire to learn the ancient art of Byzantine chant.

GOYAns also assist with the readings during Great Lent, Holy Week, Paraklesis and other services.  GOYAns and young adults who would like to read the Psalms and/or Epistle on a Sunday or feast day should contact George Dalagelis below to be placed on the Readers Schedule.

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George Dalagelis, (215) 635-0316


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