Welcome to the 41st Annual Annunciation OΠA Greek Food Fest!

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Here are some of the ways you can help:

  1. Sign up HERE to assist with the preparation, setting up, working the various stations, and cleaning up. Although we seem to have more than enough hands at the serving stations, we are ALWAYS short on hands on Tuesday-Thursday for prep and set up. PLEASE consider offering a few hours to help with prep and set up.
  2. Submit your 2019 OPA Journal Ad by Sunday, May 12. You may make your OPA Journal donation HERE at the PAY NOW BUTTON
  3. Pick up OPA 2019 Posters form the church office and post in your business or your neighborhood’s businesses.
  4. Share the OPA 2019 Facebook event with your social media friends & followers.
  5. Review the cost of items needed for the event and donate HERE at the PAY NOW BUTTON


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2019 OPA Journal>>
2019 OPA Brochure & Menu>>

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