• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Replacement - July 15, 2018

The past week had several major activities and we are pleased to report that everything was completed on schedule.  All equipment was delivered and set into position on Tuesday and the new access into the Utility Room was completed on Wednesday.  You can see the new air conditioning equipment on the concrete pad outside and if you walk into the Utility Room you will see the new boiler and new air handling units.  Additionally, on Wednesday we completed a short-term construction loan with BB&T, our current bank, which gives us the funds to pay for the project while the 50th Anniversary Campaign gets underway.  The loan is interest only for the first 12 months and does not have any prepayment penalties which means we can pay down the loan as quickly as we raise money through the Campaign.

The project work now underway is to complete the piping, ducting and electrical connections for the HVAC equipment.  Our first priority is to complete the unit that provides AC to the Church, then the unit for the Hall, and finally to connect the boiler for heat.  All work is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of September.  If you have any questions about the project please contact Dean Dalson.

As always, thank you for your patience while we complete this replacement of essential building systems.

Father John and Parish Council

- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Replacement - May 2018

At the Fall 2017 General Assembly we presented the need for improvements to the infrastructure of our Church facilities.  We described the projects and priorities and we requested and received approval to embark on a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to perform these projects.  Our buildings are now at or approaching 50 years of age; the Hall and office were built in 1968-1969, and the Church was constructed in 1971-1972.  We identified 4 priority projects, 1) replacement of roof sections over the Cultural Hall and Offices, 2) replacement of HVAC systems, 3) Installation of an elevator to the Cultural Hall and 4) Repairs to Cultural Hall foundation wall to address water leaks.

At the February 2018 General Assembly we provided an update on the projects and the 50th Anniversary Campaign to raise the needed funds.  At that time the Roof project was underway and the HVAC project was going to contractors for bids.

On May 6, 2018 we held a Special General Assembly meeting where we provided further updates:

  1. The Roof Replacement project was completed at the end of March.  We presented a summary of the final scope of work, we reviewed the final costs of the project against the prior estimates that were provided to the General Assembly and we shared photographs of the work while in progress and at completion.  A final written report is in the Church office and includes drawings that document what work was completed at various points on the roof.  The project is now complete and fully paid.

  2. HVAC Replacement.  We reviewed the scope of the project and the results of the bidding process.  The bids were reviewed in detail and we recommended proceeding with the lowest bid. 

  3. 50th Anniversary Campaign.  We presented a progress report on the Campaign and a few highlights from the Pre-Campaign Assessment performed by the Evans Consulting Group.  Evans held confidential interviews with 43 families and reported that 90% feel the Church can make a meaningful case for the 50th Anniversary Campaign and its fundraising goals, and 94% are prepared to financially support the Campaign.  These are very positive results and we look forward to sharing more details about the campaign in the next few months.  We also provided a financial summary of the Campaign thus far.  In total, we have received pledges and contributions totaling $270,000 of which $57,000 are restricted for the elevator project.  The Roof project cost $75,000 and we have spent $36,000 for Campaign planning, for total expenses of $111,000, leaving a net of $159,000.  Of this, $57,000 continues to be held for the elevator project and the remaining $102,000 is available to start the HVAC Replacement project.

With those updates, we requested and received approval from the General Assembly to proceed with 2 actions:

  1. Awarding a contract for the HVAC project with the work to be performed this summer with a project budget of $440,000.
  2. Obtaining a short-term construction loan to fund the HVAC project while the 50th Anniversary Campaign secures and collects pledges.

The HVAC Project is now underway and you will see construction activity starting early June with removal of the AC equipment that is outside along with concrete work and earthwork.  We will also begin dismantling the equipment in the Utility room.  Once the new equipment arrives in July, we will create a new access to the Utility room, remove the old equipment and install the new equipment.  Installation of the equipment, all piping work and electrical work will continue through July and August.  In late August we should be testing the new equipment and we intend to complete the project by the end of August.  During the project some parking spaces will not be available and of course, we will not have air conditioning in the Church and the Cultural Hall.

We want to thank everyone who attended the May General Assembly meeting and participated in the discussion and question and answer session.  We also want to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while the project is underway.  We will provide periodic updates as the project proceeds.

Dean Dalson

Parish Council

– Roof Replacement for Cultural Hall and Office. April 2018

In December we informed you that we were moving forward with replacement of the roof over the east side of the Cultural Hall and over the Offices.  These roof sections were from the original construction of the facility and had significant leaks.  We are pleased to tell you that the work was completed at the end of March, this is a summary of the work that was done:

  • We replaced about 4,000 square feet of roofing.  This involved removing the roof tiles and existing roofing materials, replacing damaged roof deck, installing new roofing materials, new copper flashings, new ventilation fans, and re-installing the roof tiles.
  • Throughout the project, we took steps to ensure a quality installation and addressed weak areas in the roof design.  We replaced approximately 2,000 square feet of roof deck due to water damage and all areas of the project received two layers of roofing material, one of which is ”ice and water shield” which is a more water proof material and is self-sealing.  We installed powered attic ventilating fans to control temperature and humidity under the roof, and we rebuilt the roof ridges with an improved tile configuration to ensure a better fit against the weather.
  • We installed new copper flashings at the corners between the roof and adjacent walls, and we installed copper pans in the roof valleys and along roof edges where we needed to ensure a good transition to the roof tile sections.  You can see these copper pans from the Courtyard if you look up at the Office roof where it connects to the Church wall or to the Cultural Hall wall, and the valley leading up to the chimney.  We also covered the peaked roof over the side entrance in standing seam copper panels to ensure that this area was well protected and water drained effectively into the adjacent roof valleys.
  • We also installed new gutters along the new roof sections, including adding a gutter on the driveway side of the Cultural Hall where we never had gutters before.  We also did some maintenance work on other gutter sections on the Church.
  • We had expected the work to be completed in February but with scope additions and several weather interruptions the work extended to the end of March.

Finally, we had communicated the project would cost about $60,000 plus additional costs that would be needed to replace roof decking and broken tiles and address other changes that would come up during the project.  The final cost of the project was $75,092 including all the repairs and improvements.  The project has been paid in full out of unrestricted donations made to the 50th Anniversary campaign by a few generous donors.  A final report of the project along with documentation of the specific changes and photographs of the existing and new conditions are filed in the office for future reference.

We would like to thank the donors for their generosity, the entire community for your patience and cooperation during the project and also Foti Malitas for his help with monitoring the installation to ensure we received quality work.

Evangelos Exarchos

Dean Dalson


– Roof Replacement for Cultural Hall and Office. December 2017

At the Fall General Assembly, we presented the need for improvements to the infrastructure of our Church facilities.  We described the projects and priorities and we requested and received approval to embark on a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to perform these projects.  Our buildings are now at or approaching 50 years of age; the Hall and office were built in 1968-1969, and the Church was constructed in 1971-1972.  We identified the following priorities and Phase 1 projects:

Replacement of the roof over the east side of the Cultural Hall and the Offices.  We have leaks currently in some of the classrooms and in the hallway between the Church and the Hall.  The roof over the west side of Hall roof was replaced a few years ago and the roof of the Church was replaced in 2000-2003.

Replacement of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems.  This project is planned for 2018.  While we have heat in the Church and Hall, you will remember that we did not have air conditioning this summer in the Church.  The equipment is at the end of its useful life and will be replaced by one project.  This includes replacing the boiler, 2 air handling systems, and 2 air conditioning systems.  Engineering work is completed and over the next few weeks, the project will be sent to multiple contractors for bids.

Installation of an elevator for improved access to the Cultural Hall.

Repairs to the Cultural Hall foundation wall to eliminate water leaks.  These last two projects require architectural and engineering work to determine the best solutions and will likely be combined into one project.  The architectural and engineering work will begin in 2018.

Our 50th Anniversary Campaign will kick-off in 2018 to fund both needed improvements to our facilities and to fund current and new Ministries to fulfill our Church’s mission.

We are pleased to inform you that the Roof Replacement Project will begin the week of January 8, weather permitting, and will last about 3 weeks.  The project includes removal of roof tiles, repair and replacement of roof deck and structure as needed, new roofing materials, reinstallation of roof tiles, and new gutters and downspouts.  We will also have roof ventilators added to control temperatures and humidity in the attic above the classrooms.  During the project, several parking spaces in both parking lots will be used to stage roofing materials and tiles.  Driveway access behind the Hall will be maintained but please avoid using the driveway if possible and use caution if you do proceed through the back driveway.  Roofing materials will also be staged in the courtyard during the project so please use caution when walking through the courtyard.  All work will be performed during the work week with no work occurring on Saturdays or Sundays.

We will be evaluating repairs and replacement of interior ceilings and finishes in the hallway outside the offices but that work is not included or funded as part of the Roof Replacement project.

The Roof replacement will cost approximately $60,000; the final amount will depend on how much of the roof deck and underlying structure requires repair or replacement.  Funding for the project is in place through unrestricted donations to our 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign made by a few generous donors.

We would like to thank the donors for their generosity, the entire community for your patience and cooperation during the project and Foti Malitas for his advice and assistance on the project.  We will provide regular updates on this and the other projects during 2018.

Evangelos Exarchos

Dean Dalson


Annunciation HVAC Replacement Project

On May 17, 2017 we held a project meeting to inform the community on the HVAC replacement project and to solicit questions and ideas from the community.  While the number of people attending the meeting was quite small, there was very good discussion of the project and some possible ideas both for project implementation and further improvements to the Church facilities.  The key next steps on the project are to finalize the design, identify additional possible contractors and to prepare materials for the bidding process, which will begin in September.

Please feel free to contact Dean Dalson or Evangelos Exarchos with any questions or comments.